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                        Name               : Tino, for all living creatures...


Place of Birth   :  Vigo, Galiza, Northwest of Iberia


Date of Birth   :  Centuries ago, in the Dark Ages (Perhaps this

explains a lot...)


Schooling           :  School of Life


Skills                : Master Survivor


Qualifications  : Apprentice of everything, Master in Nothing


Experience      : I did almost everything in life... Homeless,

busker, kitchen porter, waiter, barman, street

cleaner, sailor, security officer, black cab, lorry

driver, chauffeur, film extra, private detective,

banker, teacher of French and Spanish,

translator, entrepreneur,

catering purchasing manager...


Residence       : The World is my oyster... but mainly in a boat in

the middle of a deserted loch somewhere on

the Hebrides with some spells in Hastings,

Alicante and Vigo.


I've been as many times in Paradise as in Hell. So many

"ups" and "downs" that in the end I've got a "lift"




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