I like all kind... All depend of my mood... But some more than others.  

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Gosh! I can’t put here pieces of my music since I can not make my mind about what to put… Between CDs, tapes and vinyl I have about 300 records with an average of 10 pieces of music each…so I decided only to name my favourites and to put a link to each one.




                        Enya                      (History)                                              

Ishbel MaCaskill 

            (Unfortunately, in March 2011, she fall in her kitchen,

 hit her head and she died. Ishabel MaCaskill, 14.03.1941-

 31.03.2011: R.I.P)                                                            

                        The Chieftains        (History                                              

                        Carlos Núñez         (History)

                        Berrogüetto            (History)                                                

                        Milladoiro               (History                                              


Jazz and Blues (I have more than 100 CDs, any CD from different performer, among

them my favourites –for some mysterious reason- are…)

John Lee Hooker         


                        B.B. King                                                                                                                    

                        Chuck Berry               

                        Robert Johnson                                                                                                               

                        John Mayall                 

                        Howlin’ Wolf                                                                                                               

                        Chick Corea                

                        Memphis Slim              

                        Muddy Waters                                                                                                              

                        Little Richard               

                        Eric Clapton                                                                                                               

                        Golden Gate Quartet                                                                                                   

                        Rolling Stones (Before moving to rock)                        


            Folk and country


                        Rag Mama Rag           

                        Wakin’ Snakes            


                        Crazy Horse                

                        Billy Ray Cyrus            

                        Dolly Parton                

                        Jonny Cash                  


            New Age



                        Phil Thornton               

                        Terry Oldfield              




                        Gheorghe Zamfir

                        (Plus several nature's sounds CDs...)          


            Guitar crazy




                        Yngwie Malmsteem (fret melting)

                        Chris Rea

                        The Shadows              

                        Andrés Segovia                                                                                                             

                        Paco de Lucía             

                        Joaquín Rodrigo          




                        Everybody’s rock


                                   Rolling Stones              

                                   Buddy Holly                 

                                   Eric Clapton                                                                                        


                                   Guns ‘n’ Roses                                                                                                    

                                   Iron Butterfly              


                        Hard Rock


                                   Led Zeppelin                


                                   Black Sabbath              

                                   Deep Purple                 


                                   Def Leppard                

                                   The Who                     



                        Gothic Rock (This is my actual drug…)                                                                        


                                Tiamat                                                                                                                                                           Delirium

                                Betry My Secrets          


                                Black Tape for a Blue Girl

                                The Beauty of  Gemina                                                                                                  


                                Within Temptation         


Plus… Classic, opera, zarzuela, easy listening, dancing, famous orchestras (James Last, Richard Clayderman, Duke Ellington, Ray Conniff, Helmut Zacharias, Waldo de los Ríos, Paul Mauriac, Franck Pourcel, Glenn Miller, Henry Mancini, Xavier Cugat, Vangelis…) , folk of all over the world, meditation, concentration, relaxing, anti depression, etc., etc., etc., etc… I would need a huge site dedicated to put all my music…